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better with two!

tv show meme: [1/3] bromances| Hummelberry

“You are like the most talented penson I know, obviously with the exception of me and Kurt“

“I’ve never felt like there’s just one way to be beautiful, you know, tall or short, straight hair or curly or whatever, some people have definitions of their ‘types’. You know, for me I think that when I meet someone and there’s that magical thing about them that makes them unforgettable, it’s that they’re sincere and honest in whoever they are. Be that funny, happy, going through a rough time, sarcastic, I think these personality traits that come through when somebody is really sincere is what makes them beautiful.”

July 27, 2012 Happy Two Year Anniversary, Fifth Harmony!

"I write songs to help me understand life a little more. I write songs to get past things that cause me pain. And I write songs because sometimes life makes more sense to me when it’s being sung in a chorus, and when I can write it in a verse."